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Detroit Firm Petram Data Debuts Petram[AI], Machine Learning Algorithms for Consumer Marketing

14 August 2019
  • Artificial intelligence SaaS application using machine learning algorithms pre-trained with a dataset of more than 10 million consumers
  • Rapidly-growing data analytics firm expanding and hiring for key positions

Detroit, August 14, 2019 – Petram Data, a Detroit-based data analytics firm, today announced the launch of a revolutionary new consumer marketing application – Petram[AI]. Using machine learning algorithms pre-trained with anonymized and randomized data from more than 10 million American consumers, the new application uses artificial intelligence to provide businesses with deeper insights into their consumers and allows them to quickly identify potential opportunities to increase customer lifetime value and targeted customer acquisition. The application was developed in-house by a team of engineers in the heart of Detroit.

The debut of Petram[AI] furthers Petram Data’s mission of providing businesses with tools that personalize engagement, deepen the consumer experience, and help maximize marketing ROI. Since its founding in 2018, Petram Data has developed a track record of providing businesses with key consumer insights and working with them to become more creative and effective with their marketing strategies. During the development of Petram[AI], the company was able to identify key factors, behaviors, and insights that motivate and influence the considered purchases of millions of consumers.

“Data is king in today’s world, and we wanted to provide businesses with the ability to maximize their potential based off their greatest existing resource – their customers,” said Dhani Jones, Founder and CEO of Petram Data and a former NFL linebacker. “Petram[AI] will provide the type of crucial insights into consumer behavior and trends that will empower businesses to interact with their customers in new and exciting ways, creating the deep relationships that are extremely sought after and lucrative.”

Petram[AI] provides businesses with services including:

  • Customer segmentation & Personas, which can be used for targeted acquisition, by overlaying customer demographic data on behavioral and psychographic patterns and lifecycle triggers.
  • Lead scoring, which prioritizes customers based on those who are most likely to transact with the business.
  • Recommended Next Best Action, which provides businesses an opportunity to make a tailored recommendation to consumers based on their browsing behavior, prior purchases, demographics, and household data.
  • Campaign measurement and recommendations, which can measure the performance of previous & in-flight campaigns, and leverage Petram propensity score to recommend future campaigns.

Some of the clients who are working to unlock their potential by engaging with Petram Data include Detroit-based Quicken Loans, Detroit-based Bedrock, and Michigan-based boutique furnishings company Regina Andrew Design.

Petram Data recently worked with Quicken Loans to provide recommendations for a targeted marketing strategy for a low-down-payment home loan that has helped millions achieve the American dream of homeownership.

“Working with Petram, in partnership with our internal marketing and technology teams, we have been able to gain valuable insights that will aid us in ensuring that we are meeting our potential clients with the right offers at the right times,” said Jay Farner, CEO of Quicken Loans.

Petram Data is currently hiring key positions to keep up with growth and demand. They are seeking Data Scientists, Director of Business Development, and Data Analysts to join their Detroit-based team. Position descriptions and applications can be found by visiting Petram Data Careers.

Prospective clients can visit Petram Data’s website or e-mail to learn more about what Petram Data can do for them.


About Petram Data

Petram Data is a ground-breaking data science company with unparalleled access to data and algorithms–which allows them to precisely triangulate consumer financial profiles, their predictive purchase behavior, and patterns to improve customer acquisition, retention and growth. By utilizing clients’ 1st party customer data and overlaying it with proprietary 3rd party attributes, their team of data scientists develop AI-driven insights based upon customer personas, purchase history, engagement channels, and behaviors. This data-driven approach enhances existing marketing and messaging — enabling brands to learn how to speak to their customers at the most crucial points of their shopping journey.

Petram Data was founded by CEO Dhani Jones, President Thiag Loganathan, CTO John Michael Bastos and Chief Growth Officer Jibreel Lockhart in the heart of Detroit.

Working with Petram, in partnership with our internal marketing and technology teams, we have been able to gain valuable insights that will aid us in ensuring that we are meeting our potential clients with the right offers at the right times.

– Jay Farner, CEO Quicken Loans

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