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Home Furniture &
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Eyeglasses Retailer

Situation: Our client had marketing dollars to spend on increasing the conversion of product in stores. They wanted to understand the customer base and the store segmentation profile. They also wanted to identify what products to put where on store shelves based on segmentation, along with current promotion.

Approach: Our data science team pulled integrated customer data, demographic and psychographic data. We performed a full store segmentation to group stores based on type, and product segmentation to group products into categories that aligned with customer needs and promotions.

Results: The client was able to provide a weekly/monthly playbook that optimized conversion at each store type and customer group. They could predict and show conversion increases above goals.

Home Furniture & Appliances Retailer

Situation: Our client needed to design their next generation data and analytics approach. They faced key challenges in their landscape: cumbersome solution development, complex data integration process, lack of visibility over all BI applications and solutions, unclear governance of data warehouses, and non-collaborative global analytics development.

Approach: We teamed with the client to conduct a data & analytics platform assessment over the course of several months. We recommended technology and processes for data to be effectively accessed and shared by the client’s data scientists and business users.

Results: We advised on audits of existing reporting, delivering real-time data access via a non-traditional data lake landing area. We developed a tool-agnostic, uniform information consumption portal for data discovery, insights and reporting/analytics across client’s data consumers.

Global Insurance Services Provider

Situation: Our client’s corporate general liability, worker’s comp and auto insurance customers found it difficult and time consuming to understand cost drivers and manage their risks using the existing outdated portal. In order to elevate engagement, the client saw an opportunity to improve the customer experience for premium customers.

Approach: We created a custom application portal that offered flexibility for personalizing alerts, home page layout and dashboards. KPI and report libraries were integrated into the portal to support different customer roles and business functions. Our solution supports approximately 7,000 users. The UX, design and back-end were overhauled and redesigned to deliver a better customer experience and make insights into claims easy and actionable for customers.

Results: Customers were given a true premium business intelligence solution with a next generation reporting portal. This resulted in an increase in user adoption, improved satisfaction and opportunities for data monetization due to the premium charged for the customizable portal.