Better Customers Through Better Insights.

A ground-breaking data analytics consultancy with unparalleled access to data and algorithms. 

Target the right customers at the right time with Petram Data.

Through our proprietary data partners we identify key factors which influence the purchases of US consumers.

Acquire New Customers

Campaign Performance, Conversion,
Improvement Projections

Know Your Best Customer

Social Listening, Behavioral Segmentation,
Predictive Triggers

Build Engagement

Targeted Messaging, Relevant Offers
Customized Campaigns

Optimize Customer Lifecycle

On-Boarding, Lead Cross-Sell/Up-Sell,
Retention, Lifetime Value

Our Clients

Imagine having your own data team telling you exactly where revenue opportunities are surfacing in your customer data.

Don’t waste time and money on obsolete data.

Applying AI-based tools is key to winning and retaining customers, especially when competing for share in retail and insurance industries. Petram Data provides real-time insights and tools that let you take the right action with the right customers.

Traditional agencies focus on online lead generation but did you know that 71% of Auto purchasers do not submit an online lead?

Our team can use data to accurately predict and anticipate dealership visits.

Drive Auto Sales with the of Prediction

Customer Marketing Analytics

Running your business demands that you know key metrics closely despite a growing myriad of databases and channels to manage.

Consistently and effectively maintaining so many different sets of data and metrics can be overwhelming. Simplify your life and your business with Petram Data’s expertise and data strategies. Being able to monitor the health of your business has never been easier. From Customer Marketing Analytics to Return on Advertising Spend, Petram’s Customer Insight Architecture will effectively take your business to the next level.

Data Enrichment & Segmentation

Don’t just rely on your first-party CRM data any longer.

Buying media effectively in a post-cookie world requires deeper insights on your customers motivations and behavioral drivers.  With Petram’s Data Enrichment and Segmentation capabilities, your business will understand financial, behavioral and psychographic attributes of your customer.  Use this data to monitor, analyze, and access real-time customer data instantly.

Predictive Modeling

Now that you have organized your data, the next opportunity is to apply that insight at scale.

That is where predictive modeling can be used to predict behavior and fuel repeat customer growth by choosing actions that are proven to create more value for your business. Petram’s Predictive Modeling uses our cutting-edge AI and data science to analyze customer interactions and buying habits. Once gathered, this data is then used to implement models that predict which product your business should promote to a specific customer, and when it is best to do so. The possibilities for customer value improvement through predictive modeling are endless.

Client Satisfaction

Our team of Data Athletes has a combined 60 years in data-driven marketing and data analytics for B2C companies.

Achieved a 266% increase in Return on Ad Spend for one of our clients

Build lifelong

What can events in your customer’s life tell you about purchase preference?

Our pre-trained machine learning models will reveal the entire customer journey. We help you create personalized customer experiences that increase loyalty while improving your bottom line.

Let's talk more about your data.