Unlock yourCustomers' Potential.

Better Customers
Through Better Insights.

Grow Your Business with AI Insights Derived from Data on 10M+ Homeowners

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Target the right customers at the right time with Petram[AI].
Reduce your marketing spend while increasing customer retention and lifetime value with Petram's pre-trained AI models. We identify key factors which influence large purchases of 80 million homeowners.
Know Your Best Customer

Behavioral Segmentation, Profiling, Predictive Triggers

Acquire New Customers

Campaign Performance, Conversion, Improvement Projections

Build Engagement

Targeted Messaging, Relevant Offers

Manage Your Risk

Default Prediction, Fraud Prevention, Risk Score

Optimize Customer Lifecycle

On-Boarding, Lead Cross-Sell / Up-Sell, Retention, Lifetime Value

Secure Your Data

Data Escrow, Privacy, Blockchain

Imagine knowing exactly when a homeowner is mostly likely to need and afford the specific product or service you sell.
Optimize Your Marketing Spend

Don’t waste time and money on obsolete data.

AI-based homeowner data insights are the key to winning and retaining more customers in the big ticket retail and insurance industries. Petram[AI] provides real-time insights that let you engage customers when they need your product most.

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Build lifelong customer satisfaction.

What can events in your customer’s life tell you about purchase preference?

Our pre-trained machine learning models will reveal the entire customer journey. We help you create personalized customer experiences that increase loyalty while improving the bottom line.

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